Send me a ✍ and a character and I’ll draw the character horribly on MS Paint.

"Eden is imaginary"

I just joined a club and they wanted us to draw a picture based on the topic of “Eden”

Watercolour textures by soulspoison

drew kida instead of paying attention in class owo)
kida longlegs

First week of school and here’s my very first 3D model! :0

do you wanna build a snowmannnnnnnnn???


these two are like the cutest characters throughout the whole game <3

i ship these two so much *____*

Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea is such a cute game argghhhh >w<

doodles from today
I just got a new laptop and a wacom for school woohoo!

Also I spent most of my time playing deep-sea prisoner’s rpgs and they are awesome!!